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Long before the journey starts, globetrotters and beginners alike have an array of travel options from which to choose. Your fantasy might be to reach the highest mountain, to chill to the sounds of the ocean or to actually stand in the place you read about in your last book.

AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, will get you anywhere you want to go in style, extravagance and sophistication.

With more than 25 years in the business, certified training and expeditions to the ends of the earth means that that our travel advisors can book you on the world’s most remarkable cruise lines, like Princess, Regent, Holland, and Silversea Cruises. couple-1030744__340.jpg A deluxe cruise suggests enjoyment.

They are five-star floating hotels that offer the best in service, state-of-the-art facilities, top entertainment and one-of-a-kind on-land excursions. Surpassing expectations is AMT Travel’s main concern. And organizing the very best travel possible. Enjoy a trip specifically fashioned for you aboard the world’s best cruise lines.

We offer packages to locations that complement your individual preferences and tastes, hobbies and way of life. AMT American Express Travel is proudly working with Globus Tours and offers the best travel tours around.

Known in the market as the leader in global escorted American Express Tours, AMT American Express Travel offers a large range of destination spots in a spectrum of travel models. From wandering through Europe to exploring remote regions of the world, American Express Tours offers an unparalleled collection of 200+ vacations, in 60 countries on 6 continents. And membership has its benefits. At AMT Travel, our dedicated clients are offered pre-negotiated tour prices.

At the end of the day, AMT Travel’s returning client list is impressive because our specialists make it their business to create a package that is exclusive and complete.

Details such as getting an upgrade, keeping track of flight times, travel documentation, exchange rates, identifying the right excursion or working out what to pack -are never your responsibility – it’s all on us! Taking you around the world and providing travel services 24 hours a day is a promise AMT Travel consistently delivers. We strive to make certain that you travel without any stress, hassle or concern.

Your task is to prepare your suitcase and we will do the rest. Permit AMT Travel help turn your travels go from dream to reality.

The Benefits of American Express Pay-with-Points Plan

AMT Travel is delighted to bring you the Pay with Points program with American Express that offers you more benefits and peace of mind. Even though members of the American Express Membership Rewards program could cash in their points for frequent flyer miles with other airline carriers, good flights were hard to come by. Now however, you can pay upfront for any holiday travel package, flight or accommodation, in full or partially, with your Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points. Travelscene American Express is also included; American Express® Card members can use Membership Rewards points to pay for any travel by using one of the leading travel agency providers in Australia.

Flights, accommodations, packages, car rentals and tours can be paid for with American Express Membership Rewards. AMT Travel can show you how easily and clear-cut cashing in your points can be. Just some of the perks include:

-There are no travel limitations – points can be utilized for all travel. -10,000 Membership Rewards points = $100 worth of travel. -Hotels, cars, flights, tours, packages, foreign currency, insurance, and airport taxes are all included. -You can even secure frequent flyer points on any travel paid for with points.

-Pay conveniently with points in-store. -There are no hidden fees for using your American Express Card when scheduling travel if you purchase with points and your card can now also put your American Express points to use towards first class & business class travel directly through an AMT American Express Travel Representative!

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