Get Away For That Amazing Occasion

Holidays and special occasions are a time to rejoice in and have fun. Have you ever considered taking a trip to check out Santa’s workshop in Lapland, or getting away for a while in Dubrovnik, getting married in St. Lucia and honeymooning in Bora Bora? atoll-2179234__340.jpg Christmas: Rovaniemi Lapland

One way to spend a magical Christmas with your family is to pay a visit to the place where Santa and his elves dwell, Lapland. This destination, situated on the Artic Circle, is the most magical destination for young kids and grown ups to have fun and embrace the Christmas spirit.

Each day, children will be able to meet Santa Claus at Santa Claus Village, and stop by the Santa Park where Santa’s tiny helpers and his reindeer are there to say hello. It is every single child’s wish come true! New Years Eve: Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney, Australia offers a line-up of incredible firework displays that are rated amongst the very best demostrations around the globe.

At 6pm, the festivities begin with an entertainment show at Sydney Harbour, and at midnight, the famous fireworks show starts at Sydney Harbour Bridge. Viewed by millions of people around the world, this 12-minute performance is a sight to see. Valentines Day: Dubrovnik

Regarded as one of southeastern Europe’s top intimate spots, Dubrovnik in Croatia has a distinctive medieval charm.

It is not a stretch to say that because of its history and medieval beauty, Dubrovnik may possibly be the perfect place to propose.

This town has grabbed the hearts of many among them poets, writers, and artists. The best way to see all the delights of the town, like the terracotta rooftops, the opposing island of Lokrum and the Adriatic Sea, is to jump on a cable car.

Get married in St. Lucia

St. Lucia has always been enjoyed as the best place to get married, and with good reason. A tropical island filled with lush rainforests and wildlife is principally known for the Pitons, two mountainous volcanic spires emerald green in color. This Western Caribbean island is heaven and makes the perfect location for your beach-front wedding ceremony.

Honeymoon in Bora Bora

Beauty overflows on the smaller island of Bora Bora, which is simply 6 miles long and 2 miles wide. A dormant volcano, Mt. Otemanu, rises from the core of the island and melts into lavish jungle before spilling into an greenish blue lagoon. Famous novelist James Michener, who wrote the novel “Tales of the South Pacific” once called it “the most beautiful island in the world. Long before this, 18th century British adventurer, James Cook, called the island the ”Pearl of the Pacific”.

Bora Bora is the supreme definition of a tropical retreat; with its lavish resorts, warm climate and welcoming natives. Anniversary: Bali

Bali is Indonesia's leading tourist getaway and is the ideal anniversary destination, offering beaches, coral reefs and enchanting landscapes. The stunning scenery of the island with its clear blue waters makes it feel like you are in paradise. It is renowned for its highly developed arts, including theatrical and modern dance and traditional ceremonies, sculpture and music. You and your partner can appreciate anything from exclusive cruising in Crystal Bay, exclusive route tours to Mt. Batur - the sacred volcano, a couple’s massage at the spa, cooking classes with locals and helicopter rides.

The Best Tour for You

The list of adventure tours is as long as your arm from surfing Costa Rica’s legendary waves, hiking to Machu Picchu in the tracks of Incan travelers to motorcycling through the remote, natural beauty of Patagonia to ascending Mount Kinabalu, the tallest peak in southeast Asia. Get in a Ferrari F430 F1 Spyder to ride along the winding coastline of the French Riviera or fly an Air Combat mission, along the lines of Top Gun, in San Diego.

Make adventure travel part of your next getaway if any or all of these adrenaline- charged escapades invoke the daredevil in you.

National Parks Tours You will be witness to many of the most magnificent panoramas on earth at national parks found across the world. venice-4042110__340.jpg There are well-known national parks all over the world, so read on to see which ones are the most appealing to you.

The Galapagos Islands is one of the most visited UNESCO sites globally and the earliest national park in Ecuador. The giant tortoises and little penguins that move around the islands are an incredible sight to see. The spectacular Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel situated high in the Andean mountain range and one of the planet's most outstanding archaeological sites.

The power and accomplishment of the Incan Empire is clearly visible at this breathtaking site. When President Theodore Roosevelt first encountered the extraordinary geological formations and abundant wildlife of Yellowstone in 1903, he proclaimed it to be “absolutely unique in the world”.

He considered national parks to be the most beneficial way to safeguard nature and turn them into a shared social asset to benefit all generations to follow. Both Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and South Africa’s Kruger Park are known worldwide for its extensive of wildlife and fauna located there. There you will not only witness landscapes you could never have dreamed of, but you will also be very close to the many predators which roam in the night.

A absolute must on anyone’s bucket list should include the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park situated off the northeastern shores of Australia, home to the world’s largest coral reef system.

Norway’s amazing fjords don’t compare with those located in nearby Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. Name Any Tour and You’ll Find It

Nowadays, more people than ever are deciding to go on specialty tours.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of specialty tours on offer to accommodate anyone with a special interest. You’ll find lots of like-minded people, whether experts or amateurs, in wine country.

Wine lovers know that wine is much more than just a combination of grapes and that the process requires an intricate and delicate process to attain the perfect balance of taste. Wine tasting tours can take you from Napa Valley, to the Stellenbosch Wine Route in South Africa, or to many of France’s most notable wine regions such as Bordeaux or Champagne.

Satisfy your urges on a foodie tour. There are a variety of reasons for a gourmand to go on a culinary tour including getting a sample of local ingredients and artisan products as well as understanding how the history and culture of the region impacted the evolution of local cuisine.

On some of the top-notch tours, you may even meet a star chef or get classes from a Michelin-starred expert. Today’s newest tendencies in specialty travel are yoga tours. This ancient practice is all about strengthening, and balancing both body and mind through deep breathing and contemplation.

A stylish and alluring setting add that additional flair to make a yoga tour a relaxing and illuminating experience. Some of the fundamental aims of eco-tours is to keep any follow of human presence to a minimum in areas that remain fragile and fairly undisturbed. Visiting protected natural areas is just one facet of eco-tourism, the other is to present nature-lovers with an understanding of how essential it is to safeguard the natural resources we have

coastal-landscape-356767__340.jpg These tours are also meant to educate travelers about preservation and how to improve the well-being of local people. Tours aimed expressly at women are becoming more and more popular. Woman traveling solo want to experience the world in a trusted environment where they can also get together other like-minded women.

A women’s only tour is a fantastic way to meet other like-minded travelers and share experiences like getting on a wave runner on the Adriatic, exploring St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, or taking in the sights and sounds of New York. Where can you travel to renew your faith and ponder upon centuries of religious history?

Faith-based tours provide a unique way to reshape your religious perspectives and also leave you with a revived sense of faith. Whatever type of tour speaks to you, there is no doubting that you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied.

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